[Activity] Black Cow Food Sends Your Love to Your Family on the Mother’s Day


There is a person

When you are not around and the phone rings, she will hasten for fear of missing your call.

No matter how late in the evening, she will wait until you come back home.

Every time when you leave home to work or study, she will see you far away until you vanish from sight.

She is your mother.

On the Mother’s Day, don’t forget to closely greet your mother no matter how busy you are.

Have you prepared a gift for your mother?

No? Come on, take part in our activity!

We have prepared a gift for your mother, for you who have become a mother and for your child’s mother…

Activity time:

May 5-8, 2016 Closing time: 24:00, May 8, 2016


Activity rules:

During the activity, you can write down a sentence you want to say to your mother+ contact person + contact number + address and send the message to the official account of Black Cow Food. A total of 50 participants whose sentence is most touching will each receive a bottle of “Black Cow” Grain Flour. The list of winners will be released next time.  


Participation award:

If you show the above picture “Mother’s Day Thanksgiving” to the customer service representatives of Black Cow Flagship Store on Tmall, you can win a ¥10 e-coupon (only for the purchase of grain flour). The e-coupon can be redeemed during May 5-8, 2016. Meanwhile, there will be the “Buy One and Get One Free” activity for the purchase of grain flour!

Introduction to Black Cow Food’s natural grain flour:

Black Cow Food’s flagship store on Tmall: http://heiniu.tmall.comhttp://heiniu.tmall.com

Black Cow Food’s flagship store on JD: http://heiniu.jd.comhttp://heiniu.jd.com‍‍