A New Generation of Healthy Food – “Black Cow” Soybean Milk and “Black Cow” Soybean Powder


The “Black Cow” series nutritious soybean beverage products of Black Cow Food are deeply favored by consumers and sell well throughout the country.  

Persistently pursuing the philosophy of producing safe, nutritious and healthy food, we would like to launch a new generation of healthy food - “Black Cow” Soybean Milk and “Black Cow” Soybean Powder to the consumers.  

We choose non-transgenic soybeans produced in the Great Northern Wilderness, Heilongjiang, the hometown of soybeans in China, as the main material for “Black Cow” Soybean Milk and “Black Cow” Soybean Powder. We use modern equipment and technology to optimize traditional soybean milk making process and adopt advanced technologies such as high-temperature enzyme deactivation, flashing deodorization, instant spray drying process and instant dissolution process exclusive to Black Cow Food to solve the problem that traditional soybean milk has a beany flavor and to make soybean milk more tasty and nutrients easy to be absorbed.

Our products do not contain cholesterol, artificial colors, artificial fragrance and preservative. We add various kinds of microelements to our products according to Chinese people’s constitution so as to meet the needs of consumers of different ages and at different stages.