Nasam Coffee’s Global Launching Leads the Trend of Thai coffee


Nasam Coffee, as a mid-to-high end innovative coffee brand of Black Cow Food, held a news conference for the global launching of its new products at Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvitin in Bangkok, Thailand, at 10:30 am, on March 30, 2017.

A total of 70 domestic excellent distributors were invited to attend the conference. Mr. Lin Jiakai, President of Black Cow Food, and Mr. Chen Gengcheng, General Manager of the Headquarters Marketing Center, were present at the conference and gave a speech.

Nasam, as an original imported Thai coffee brand, held this news conference in Thailand, aiming to express Black Cow Food’s insistence on choosing high-quality coffee beans from Thailand and its wish to introduce Thai lifestyle into China.

Nasam, adhering to Thai flavor, debuted at the conference, and the leaders of Black Cow Food announced that Nasam Coffee officially came to the market globally. Meanwhile, Nasam products started to be sold in the convenience stores in Bangkok, Thailand.

This conference even activated the microblog (@Nasam Coffee) live broadcast mode so that all distributors and consumers who were not present at the conference could watch the conference and interact online.  

Nasam was founded in 2016. We select high-quality Arabica coffee beans from Thailand and adopt local exquisite spray drying technology to keep the fascinating aroma of coffee. At present, Nasam coffee has four flavors: Arabica, Cappuccino, Mix Powder Caramel Latte, and Coffee Mix Powder White Coffee.

It is expected that the products will come to the domestic market in late April 2017.