Nasam Coffee from Thailand Deeply Develops Chinese Market Aimed at Young People


Nowadays, the generations after 90s and 00s have gradually grown up and become the main force of domestic market consumption. More and more enterprises and brands have got rid of the stale and brought forth the fresh, hoping to integrate into the young consumer group in China through brand upgrading.

Nasam is a mid-to-high end instant coffee brand newly launched by Black Cow Food. We choose high-quality Arabica coffee beans produced in the golden coffee planting areas in Chiengmai, north of Thailand and adopt local exquisite spray drying technology to introduce high-quality original Thai coffee into China.

Mr. Lin Jiakai, President of Black Cow Food, expressed that he, as a young man, has been paying attention to Chinese young people’s pursuit of quality life and their hard-to-release aloneness because they are the only child in their family or they struggle alone far away from their hometown. So, we launch such a coffee brand – Nasam, hoping to give them spiritual companion and spiritual sustenance with high-quality taste and high-end life experience.

Nasam not only has extremely high pursuit of taste experience but also has obtained such international quality certification as GMP, HACCP, ISO etc.

At present, Nasam coffee has four flavors: Arabica, Cappuccino, Mix Powder Caramel Latte, and Coffee Mix Powder White Coffee. People having different tastes will find their favorite one. Nasam has held a news conference for the global launching of its new products in Bangkok, Thailand. It is expected that the products will come to the domestic market in late April 2017.

Massage from Nasam:

Life is full of ups and downs,

As well as hopes and fears;

Just like bittersweet coffee bringing you different inspiration and reflection;

Nasam, adhering to craftsmanship, creates coffee in a sincere manner;

Our perfect products will allow you to fully experience quality life!

Nasam Coffee would like to feel all moments of different tastes with you!