“Two Cups of Coffee a Day” – Nasam Advocates Healthy Coffee Culture


Is it good to drink coffee every day? How much coffee should we drink? Nasam, a coffee brand imported from Thailand advocating positive and optimistic lifestyle, has something to say about these two questions.

A few days ago, Nasam Coffee held a news conference for the global launching of its new products in Bangkok, Thailand. Meanwhile, its products came to the market in the convenience stores in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nasam Coffee’s story dates back to 2016 at a cafetal in the north of Thailand. JK from China and his team, with their irresistible passion for coffee and persistent pursuit of perfect coffee taste, finally found high-quality Arabica coffee beans there through seeking and trying again and again.

To meet more Chinese young people’s pursuit of quality life and release of aloneness, Nasam team selects coffee beans over and over again and adopts exquisite spray drying technology of the local factories to keep the fascinating aroma of coffee and introduces high-quality coffee into China.

Nasam Coffee advocates healthy life culture. Nasam team chooses high-quality Arabica coffee beans from Thailand, adopts local exquisite spray drying technology, and continuously optimizes the quality and taste of coffee, while it still proposes “Nasam coffee is fantastic, but do not drink too much” and suggests “Two cups of coffee a day”.

“Two cups of coffee a day” is a kind of embodiment of life sentiment, and experts have verified that “Two cups of coffee a day” can give full play to the health care effect of coffee on human bodies and can give appropriate help to those office ladies who need to refresh themselves or lose weight.

At present, Nasam coffee has four flavors: Arabica, Cappuccino, Mix Powder Caramel Latte, and Coffee Mix Powder White Coffee. People having different tastes will find their favorite one. It is expected that the products will come to the domestic market in late April 2017.